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Heal your Gut: 30 days transformation program towards healthy gut and weight management.

Dr. Surabhi Jain

Clinical and public health nutritionist and lactation consulant

B.D.S., PGDPHN (Post graduate in Public Health Nutrition), MBA (Health care ), M.Sc ( Dietetics and Foodservice management ) Certified Lactation Consultant, Certified in NLP, EFT and TFT, Certified in Herbal medicine & Energy Healing,

She believes in the healing power of nature and plants. She is certified in herbal medicine and energy healing. Dr.Surabhi believes in healing the primary cause of disease and strengthing the immune system to treat the root cause of the problem.

She worked with many leading hospitals, organizations like FHI, Urban Health Initiative, SIHFW, HLFPPT and then Founded her own initiative Nutriwell India.

She strongly believes in keeping the body in alignment with nature and the body’s own healing capacity.

You can find more about her at


Why this Course?

This Course can help everyone who wants to feel healthy, lose weight and adopt a lifestyle which actually helps him/her to heal her system from within. So if you’ve been feeling bloated, low immunity, gassy, foggy or tired lately or getting sick more often and suffering from a condition that can be aggravated by nutrition and a poorly functioning digestive system, food allergies or intolerances, rashes, acne or IBD, IBS, Crohn’s disease, Celiac disease, leaky gut, inflammatory issues, obesity, thyroid problems, neurological disorders, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia then.

AYURVIGYAN : Heal your Gut program will appeal to you and put you on the right path to better health. Basically this short guide is a preview of our very successful Ayurvigyan program which we run in groups.

This is a guidance to change your eating habits and lifestyle for good. Due to deadly COVID 19 PANDEMIC, immunity and managing our health has become extremely necessary. So let’s not fall for any shortcuts, way to your health and happiness starts from your gut, Lets boost our immunity and work on our overall health in the right way. Health is a mix of emotional, mental and physical well being. So start this journey with lots of positivity and self-love.

This course is divided into two sections, section 1 deal with the guidance about this Gut healing program and then section two deals with the healthy recipes.



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